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Photo Roadies
Wheelchair Sports Camp with Nardwuar the Human Serviette at SXSW.

Yo, yo, yo!! Last night was the Sports Camp crew’s first night in Austin, and boy did it kick off with a bang! We’re staying in an RV park a few minutes outside of town and finally showered and grounded ourselves. None of us slept over a few hours, so the crew was pretty grumpy and ready to stab each other. Abi lost her voice, so Jennah was force feeding her herbs, pricking her with acupuncture needles, and she didn’t talk to anyone until it was time to play :) With the help of alternative medicine and a few shots of whiskey and lemon, Abi rocked Austin’s socks off, and no one could even believe she lost her voice. We played our first official showcase at Club 606, and I can say with a bias, it was a great set!

Photo Roadies
Wheelchair Sports Camp last night at Club 606.

After our set, Abi and Isaac’s fabulous uncle Phil stuck to tradition and took us out for a good meal. We headed to the Fake Four showcase after dinner to meet up with our peoplesChris Ferrone of the Boston-Phoenix. I got to meet one of my favorite rappers of all time, Busdriver, and got to chat it up with the main man himself Ceschi. After finishing a joint on the patio, we were 86’ed from the club and had to hear the rest of Busdriver’s set from the curb outside. Needless to say it was a hell of a night!

Today, we met up with the best damn Canadian to have ever lived… Nardwuar the Human Serviette!!!! Not only did i luck out with some great old school vinyl, we also brought him loads of gifts including a personalized cone cut from Frank Kwiatkowski. There’s too much fun to explain, so you’ll have to wait till the interview is posted. Stay tuned.

T Minus Katlyn with One Be Lo.

On our way to catch my Denver favorites, I ran into good pal One Be Lo of Binary starand Zero Star out of Columbus, whom I haven’t seen since I played with him and Illogic many years back… By the time we got to the GirlGrabbers and Whygee showcase, there was a line out the door, plus a massive staircase, plus we were already running late for our show, so we weren’t able to make it :/

But i should note, the soundtrack for this year’s trip has most definitely been the new Biggie by Qknox. What a damn album!!! We rushed over to play an Occupy Austin event at a church outside of the chaos, and it was the first time I’ve ever played in a church and ever cussed into a microphone in a church. It was quite a liberating experience.


​Us ladies made the RV drop us off to try and catch Fionna Apple, but the venue was at capacity, and the line was wrapped around the block. :( We waited around for a bit, got a chance to catch hometown pals Catch Lungsand Take To The Oars and headed to get in some world music.

I have been so excited to see the Columbian band Duran live, and boy am I glad we did! They brought the sexiest damn dance party I’ve ever been able to witness! With plans to check out a bunch of other great shows after, we pooped out and met Frank Kwiatkowski on 6th street cutting cones and hustling prints. The bitches love that guy!

Abi and I went to the comedy club to get the RV keys from Onus, and Abi was brought into the comedy show with the assumption that Onus must have kidnapped her. While waiting outside for Abi, I could hear one my of my favorite classic Snoop Dogg songs and sure enough, Snoop was playing right next door on a Dorrito vending machine stage. Only at SXSW, I tell you what!

Frank hustlin’ cone prints.

We all got some much needed rest, and now it’s time to get pumped for our Showcase tonight! We might even get in some street busking before, but 11 p.m. at the Jr. (Emo’s on 6th). Better ask somebody!!!!!!

- Solidarity

T minus Katlyn (Kalyn)

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