The SXSW Circus Blog Entry 1

March 14, 2012 | Posted By: | updates |

Hey there hometown,

Kalyn here from Wheelchair Sports Camp checking in to tell you about all the crazy shit we’re getting ourselves into on the way to SXSW for our 2nd year! No… we haven’t been arrested (wood knock), but we did bring the Denver circus to mess with Texas in a seriously hilarious way!

After playing our favorite historic theater (The Oriental) at home Friday night, we packed up our 7 person rental RV with 9 Denver clowns and headed for Albuquerque.  Roll call: The Wheelchair, Sports & Camp (Kalyn, Isaac & Abi), the best band handler/girlfriend ever (Jennah), the handsome cousin Photo Roadies (Adrian & Ryan), the godfather of traffic cones (Frank Kwiatkowski), the documentary doctor (Chris Bagley), and the only man to ever survive 30 years of rocket fuel abuse (Onus Spears)!  We left town with all our summer outfits and were greeted in Albuquerque with snow and one of our favorite bands to play with (Bigawatt).  We stuck to our tradition and left with bellies full of Frontier’s signature green chili, ready for the Texas rodeo ahead of us.

The entire crew left to right: Frank Kwiatkowski, Onus Spears, Adrian Diubaldo, Ryan Martin, Isaac McGaha Miller, Chris Bagley, Jennah Black, Abi McGaha Miller, Kalyn Heffernan


To save on room, Jennah had to be on top of the RV… but don't worry, she'd rather be up there than in the RV with the rest of the family…. besides it was only a 15 hour drive!

With no time to waste, the Photo Roadies drove through the night and we made it to Ft Worth in no time… well like 10 hours of time, plus the hour from daylight savings, plus another hour from the time change.  But Ft Worth surprised us and showed us mad love.  We even managed to make some new rapper friends (Doug Funnie & Kyeote)

Right after the Ft Worth show in front of the Ridglea Theatre

Monday, we had to take off and investigate who broke the rules and shit in the RV toilet.  After only 5 minutes of interrogation, Onus confessed, we kicked him out, and picked up a replacement hitchhiker in Houston. It was him, so he’s back with us now ;)

Today, we made a trip to the gulf, got suckered into a tourist trap, and played the best DIY venue in the country for the SXSW Overflow Fest! Super Happy Fun Land isn’t only the best because of the giant cabbage patch kid, & raggedy anne colony, but it is also home to my favorite yellow tricycle AND i found a perfect fitting one piece clown suit!  Once again, we played with some great bands from across the country we would have never known about, and had a super happy fun time! If you’re ever in Houston, you have to see the place for yourself to understand it’s magnitude of greatness.  As for the bands you should also now know about: The Loom (Brooklyn), The Back Pockets (Atlanta), Cheers Elephant (Philadelphia), Lily And The Tigers (Atlanta) & Magic Milk (Chicago).

Super Happy Fun Land (Houston, TX)

-T minus Katlyn (Kalyn)

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