Heavy Hearts for Ikey Owens

With a heavy heart and foggy head, the sports camp crew has been dealt with a huge loss.  The recent death of Ikey Owens has hit the music world and Denver community hard.  I was introduced to Ikey when he produced Rubedo’s first album Masssa Confusa.  I watched him play the Grammy’s a couple years ago with Jack White and remember being so proud to see my favorite band’s producer on such a big stage.  Come to find out, I actually saw Ikey perform with the Mars Volta before realizing it.  Ikey produced Rubedo’s second album Love Is The Answer, and was a frequent visitor to the mile high city.  I complimented him on the albums and mentioned how I’d love to build some day.  Shortly after, he called me and wanted to produce our first full length.  We spent a couple weekends at Dryer Plug Studios and knocked out 10 songs. So now, here we are sitting on this incredible project that is close to finished.  There are so, so many feels that words don’t scratch the surface.  We are honored and humbled to have worked with such a mastermind and are saddened that our time together was cut so short.  In those few recording sessions, we learned so much and watched in awe as  he freaked the funk out of every song.  We send love to the Owens family, the Rubedo family, and all the other musicians who were lucky enough to spend some time with him.  I have no clue as to when this album will be released, but I can tell you it’ll be titled No Big Deal, and we plan to finish it as he planned.

-Rest In Praise-


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