187bpm_demo by Wheelchair Sports Camp, Machete Mouth, KOKO LA 
***$5 min contribution will go directly to Colorado Freedom Fund for immediate bonds and the continued Abolition efforts*** 

We would like to offer this song of rage, anger, and grief to the ongoing fight for liberation. For those on the frontlines of today's uprising and for the generations of movements before that paved the way, taught us how, and who gave their all for us to be here. Most importantly, we are offering this song to the FUTURE we are dreaming, we are growing, we are building. For the FUTURE FREE OF POLICE. For the FUTURE FREE OF COLONIAL VIOLENCE. For the FUTRUE FREE OF CAGES. For the FUTURE FREE OF IMPERIAL INSTITUTIONS. This is for the organizers at home and for the organizers without homes. For the street medics, the harm reductionists, the abolitionists, the healers, the cooks, the freedom fighters, the leaders, the elders, and the BEAUTIFUL YOUTH called to action. 

This song was written with Paul Castaway, Jessie Hernandez, Ryan Ronquillo, Michael Marshall, Sandra Bland, Ibrahim Abu Thuraya and the countless others heavy on our hearts here at home and afar. But today, we are forcibly grieving Tony McCade, Nina Pop, and the countless other queer, trans, black, brown, indigenous lovers in the midst of honoring Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera's legacy. Today, we are forcibly grieving and honoring Elijah McClain, Iyad Halak, Saheed Vassell, Paul Childs and the countless other disabled black, brown, indigenous, lives who matter. Today, we are forcibly grieving Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, and the countless other black women caretakers including the so many missing, murdered, indigenous women. Today, we are forcibly grieving Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez, Roxana Hernandez, and the countless others kept in concentration camps left to die. Today, we continue to grieve and honor Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, and the countless unarmed black youth taken from us. Today, we yell, we sing, we rap, and we rage to this song while forcibly grieving and honoring Quintin "Q" Donelson, William Lamont Debose, George Floyd, and the countless other black fathers who matter. BLACK LIVES MATTER 

Today, we live in such persistent trauma, rage, stress, and grief, that we cannot even honor every name or lost life without forgetting to mention the too many black, brown, indigenous, disabled, queer lives that mattered. Cus the list goes on and fucking on and fucking on and fucking on.... 
Fuck your hashtag performative activism, say it till you mean it, and mean it till you put your privilege into direct action. 

Let us burn the banks, and protect the sacred. Let us tear down the walls, and grow our gardens. Let us destroy the empire and every corporation ready to re-elect white supremacy. Let us build our sanctuary's and burn Amazon, the meat packing plants, and capitalist machines sacrificing lives right now. We are not here to reform, replace, rebuild, redo, and re find ourselves back under the oppressor's command & control! We are here to dream, imagine, plot, plan, mobilize, strategize, organize, build, grow, and sustain this new future into reality. Let us carry on the Denver spirit of organized resistance like our ancestors trained us and let us rely on our comrades around the world making it happen today. There's no time like NOW. 

We love ya'll 
Protect yourselves, Protect each other, Power to the People 

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