well well, look who made it on comedian James Acaster's new monster avante garde music project Temps!? 

IT ME on track #5. at​(​moves) (feat. Quelle Chris, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Mal Devisa, Nate Mendelsohn)



featuring heavy hitters like Montaigne, Quelle Chris, Denmark Vessey, NNAMDÏ, Yoni Wolf of WHY?, and Senegalese rapper Gaston Bandimic. Singers include Mal Devisa, Law Holt, Xenia Rubinos, Satomi Matsuzaka, and Grace Weir.

The instrumentalists on the album are highly accomplished across an impressive range of genres and subgenres—John Dieterich of Deerhoof; Latvian experimental flutist Elizabete Balčus; bb tombo, who used to make screamo rap as youngster jiji and now makes indie game soundtracks; Ami Dang on sitar; saxophonist Nate Mendelsohn (Market); classically-trained Chinese Canadian violinist FOONYAP; synths and vocals by CTemps (James Acaster) shares new single ft. NNAMDÏ, Quelle Chris, Xenia  Rubinos & Shamiratalonian jazz-bassist Joana Gomila and her musical partner Laia Vallès.


or stream it from anywhere






Alternative Tentacles 

WTF!? so excited to announce this legendary drop! the infamous punk label Alternative Tentacles released a hot pink 7" vinyl of YESS i'm a MESS + Hard out here for a Gimp along with this dope teeshirt by GirlMobb. Get it before it's gone. In stores March 17, 2023

SUMMER 2022 

Central Park attire 
for the Disability Unite Fest 

Then back home for some modern contemporary rooftops 

❣️Disability unite festival 
Sunday 7/17 @ Central Park bandshell NYC 
Free 12-4 est 
W/ Gaelynn Lea, Lachi & more 

❣️Friday 8/19 @ mca denver 
7pm mst 
W/ Schama Noel

more info

ID: show poster by @victor_j_escobedo. big yellow 3d block letters that reads wheel chair sports camp! stacked on top of eachother. greggy, kalyn, Josh Trinidad and Wes as cartoon characters underneath. Bright light blue background. Show info at bottom

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