SUMMER 2022 

Central Park attire 
for the Disability Unite Fest 

Then back home for some modern contemporary rooftops 

❣️Disability unite festival 
Sunday 7/17 @ Central Park bandshell NYC 
Free 12-4 est 
W/ Gaelynn Lea, Lachi & more 

❣️Friday 8/19 @ mca denver 
7pm mst 
W/ Schama Noel

more info

ID: show poster by @victor_j_escobedo. big yellow 3d block letters that reads wheel chair sports camp! stacked on top of eachother. greggy, kalyn, Josh Trinidad and Wes as cartoon characters underneath. Bright light blue background. Show info at bottom



Come see the all new original production of Alice in Wonderland by Phamaly Theatre Co

Catch meee the Cheshire Cat head along with rest of this mega cast made exclusively with different disabilities at Su Teatro. It’s quite the production, we composed all the music last year down the rabbit hole.... you don’t wanna miss it. TICKETS ON SALE NOW

To buy tickets or see more info, go to: 

It will be in person at Su Teatro in Denver August 14 - September 5! 

It will be streamed online September 6 - September 30 so you can view from anywhere! 

Fundraiser concert at Civic Center Park in Denver Wednesday September 29! 

Image Description: There is an orange and purple frame around abstract art with an orange cat head, cat tail, and a black top hat. Text "Alice in Wonderland. Featuring Wheelchair Sports Camp".

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